Polyethylene films are used in a vast array of applications, including consumer and industrial packaging, and across a range of industries, including food and beverage, building and construction, personal care and agriculture.

Qenos offers a range of low density (LDPE), linear low density (LLDPE), metallocene linear low density (mLLDPE) and high density (HDPE) polyethylene grades designed for blown and cast film processes in single and multi layer structures. Qenos grades come in a variety of melt flow, density and additive packages tailored to suit specific processes and applications.

Qenos also distributes specialty plastomers, elastomers and copolymers capable of meeting the needs of higher performance applications.

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The Alkamax website provides the latest Grade Information, Technical Resources and Case Studies. Find out more at


Film Extrusion Grades

Qenos manufactures HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and mLLDPE film extrusion grades for a range of diverse applications. Find data sheets, SDS and application information.


Film Extrusion Troubleshooting Guide

A comprehensive polyethylene film extrusion troubleshooting guide to help optimise your operations. Find solutions to your technical challenges.


Film Extrusion Technical Guide

A comprehensive guide to polyethylene film extrusion including grade selection, technology, film properties and conversion processes.


Alkamax Metallocene

Introducing the new Alkamax Metallocene range from Qenos enabling superior performance from thinner gauge films


Film Extrusion Case Studies

Find out how Qenos film extrusion resins have been used in a variety of in challenging real life customer applications.


Alkamax Metallocene Brochure

Less is more when it comes to the latest technology in plastic films for flexible packaging applications


Multilayer Film Series

Read our Multilayer Film Series on the many functional benefits multilayer films provide and  the downgauging capability they offer.