The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) includes a requirement that holders of Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) prepare and implement a pollution incident response management plan.

The objectives of these plans are to:

Ensure comprehensive and timely communication about a pollution incident to: staff on the premises, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Ministry of Health, Workcover NSW , local councils and people outside of the facility that may be affected by a pollution incident.

Minimise and control the risk of a pollution incident at the facility by requiring identification of risks and the development of planned actions to minimise and manage those risks.

Ensure that the plan is properly implemented by trained staff, identifying persons responsible for implementing it, and ensuring that the plan is regularly tested for accuracy, currency and suitability.

More information on the POELA Act and PIRMPs is available on the NSW EPA Website:

Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011

Qenos Botany PIRMP

Qenos has prepared a comprehensive PIRMP for it’s operations on the Botany Industrial Park and at Port Botany. In accordance with the requirements of the POELA Act, the following is an extract from the plan which details:

1. The procedure for contacting the relevant authorities in the event of a pollution incident; and

2. The procedures for communicating with the community.

Qenos also provides information about it’s operation and activities through this website, the Botany Industrial Park Brochure and through the Botany Industrial Park Community Consultative Committee.

Procedure for Contacting Relevant Authorities in the Event of Actual or Potential Environmental Harm

When material harm to the environment is caused or threatened, after calling 000 if there is an immediate threat to human health or property, notify the relevant authorities in the following order:

  • The Ministry of Health (via the local Public Health Unit)
  • The Workcover Authority
  • CoBB
  • Fire & Rescue NSW

External Contact Phone Number Listing:

EPA 131 555
Fire and Rescue NSW 1300 729 579 - Non-Emergency Notifications

000 - Emergencies. (Alexandria Control Centre 24 Hrs. #)

Ministry of Health Public Health Unit, Randwick Office 02 9382 8333, Fax. 02 9382 8334/8314

After hours; 02 9382 2222 (Prince of Wales Hospital) ask for Public Health Nurse on call

WorkCover NSW 13 10 50

(Manufacturing Team at Hurstville office. Bus. Hrs. 02 9598 3333)

City of Botany Bay 02 9366 3666, Fax. 02 9366 3777 (Business Hours)

Team Leader Regulation #

Randwick City Council 02 9399 0892, Fax. 02 9399 0902 (Business Hours)

Local Emergency Management Officer #

NSW Police 000 – Emergencies. (Botany Bay Station 02 9316 2499)
Industry and Innovation NSW Energy Information Line: 1300 136 888
Department of Planning Director of Major Hazards Unit: #
BIP Operations Manager, #

Environment Engineer, #

Sydney Water Malabar STP Control room #

Business Customer Services #, Emergency Contact #

Qenos Environmental Advisor Work #, Mobile #

# Personal information and telephone numbers deleted for protection of individual privacy

Procedure for Communicating with the Community


The location of the plant, inside the Botany Industrial Park site, is well distanced from the residential and industrial boundaries. In the event that an emergency or event has an offsite impact, or may be of concern to residential neighbours (eg loud noise, severe visual impact), the NSW Police Force and/or Fire and Rescue NSW will engage with the local community and/or media to provide information on the event. The notification of adjacent companies (off site) is also the responsibility of the combat agencies. Assistance for this activity will be provided by the Qenos Crisis Management Team in the event of a major incident.

Contact with the NSW Police Force for the purposes of the rapid distribution of information to local neighbours, is to be established through the Botany Local Area Command (based at Mascot Police Station). Events that may generate public concern, rather than actually having a physical impact on local neighbours, will be dealt with under a special protocol. This protocol is currently being developed by a multi-agency group lead by the LEOCON, and will ensure that consistent information and advice is provided by the Police, Fire and Rescue, Local Council and the Company. In the event of an emergency which has a potential physical off-site impact, the Local Area Command will activate the Botany Bay Precinct Plan.

Information updates on events and incidents will be posted to the Qenos website, Community Update Section.