Qenos communicates about current plant activities that may be of interest to the local community.

Altona Updates

Qenos sincerely apologises to our neighbours for the excessive flaring associated with the recent unplanned Olefins SCAL-2 shutdown/start-up and compressor trip last week. We are pleased to report that the plant restart was completed on 28th September.

As advised in previous updates, our planned Altona Reconfiguration Project will result in further flaring from 2nd October up until around the 11th October to safely prepare the SCAL-1 plant for shutdown.

We will continue to manage these shutdown activities to minimise the overnight and ongoing impact of flaring on our neighbours as much as practicably possible.

If you have any queries please contact the Qenos Environmental Advisor, Mr. Les Harman by email at

Botany Updates

There are no current community updates for Botany.