Joining Qenos at the beginning of 2016 as a trainee, Tennille has since become a fully-fledged Plant Operator and aspires to a long and bright future with Qenos. She balances work with family life and is learning something new every day.

With a background as a mechanical engineering tradesperson, Tennille was looking for a new opportunity that would allow her to build on her skills and gain experience she was yet to have.

“The role had interested me so I applied eagerly but I never imagined that Qenos as a company would be as great as it is. I quickly learned that Qenos offers a unique workplace. I was completely guided through my traineeship which involved really intense learning. From learning basic skills required to run the plant to different, more advanced elements of the plant and processes – I always knew that I was going to swim, not sink.”

What Tennille loves most about her work at Qenos is being able to learn something new every day, regardless of how much you think you already know. She finds the variable processes and diversity of work immensely enjoyable and different to other roles she’s experienced.

“In my previous workplaces my role has been much the same every day and I was somewhat limited when it came to challenge and trying new things. At Qenos it’s part of everyone’s job to react to different things because of our variable processes. This can be a challenge but is certainly not negative – I’ve found challenges at Qenos to be positive because you learn from them and have the opportunity to continually improve outputs. It’s a unique feeling knowing you’re never walking into the same routine each day.”

As a mum of three and a shift worker, Tennille still manages to find a good balance at work and home. Working a rotating roster means that Tennille follows a 5 shifts on, 5 days off pattern that allows her to spend time with her family while still dedicating time to advancing her career and knowledge, which is something she greatly values.

“There are always opportunities for people to extend their skills. The training program Qenos offers is second to none and there is a lot of progression available for people who are willing to work hard for it.”

Tennille is driven by the satisfaction of walking away from a day at work knowing that a job has been done correctly and safely, and has resulted in a quality product. And of course, having fun along the way with a supportive, expert team.

“We’re a bunch of colourful characters! We’re one big family and we always look out for each other and lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. We’re always facing exciting challenges in our work but nothing is a challenge when you’re surrounded by the right people. The people here are wonderful.”

While people may think that being one of the few female plant operators could be problematic, Tennille is quick to remove any assumptions people may have.

“At Qenos you are valued on how you do your job, never on your gender. I would encourage anyone with a good mechanical background to join us, especially young trades people. We’re all advocates for females in this industry and we guarantee anyone who joins us won’t regret it.”

Being able to look ahead and see a future with Qenos is what motivates Tennille most. With a long-term goal of becoming a Head Plant Operator, Tennille knows this is something she can work towards and is dedicated to continually developing her skills to get there.

“We have people at Qenos who have been here for many years and that says a lot about our culture and the work we offer. I can’t see myself wanting to leave this place. I aspire to be like the people around me and I’m excited to look towards the future knowing that I’ve got access to the best training and support I’ll ever get.”