Nadine’s 16 year journey with Qenos has seen her progress from a vacation student to a Process Team Leader who oversees the work of 110 people. The variety of work and endless opportunity have kept her loving what she does every day. Now, she loves mentoring the next generation, and encouraging more women to join the industry and bring their skills to Qenos.

After studying a Bachelor of Science (Industry Chemistry) and having done vacation work in the Port Botany plant, Nadine moved to Melbourne to work as a graduate for Qenos. Little did she know that this would be the start of a rewarding, long-term career.

“I’ve been here since 2001. When I first went to Melbourne I thought maybe I’d stay for a few years and then I’d need to move on to get more experience. But the great opportunities have kept on coming and here I am, 16 years later.”

Some of the roles that Nadine has had the opportunity to undertake include a process engineer, production coordinator, polymerisation engineer and a safety, health & environment advisor – just to name a few!

Throughout her time with Qenos and despite the many exciting changes she’s welcomed in her work, there are two things that have always remained consistent for Nadine.

“The team relationships and the day-to-day challenges are two things I know will always motivate me, no matter what. In an operations role, you need to respond to the unexpected, and to do that with teams of people you really like and respect is always exciting.”

A classic problem solver, Nadine finds it’s the challenges that make her work so stimulating and rewarding. Having the opportunity to spend time talking with operators and team members to find solutions and plan ahead is what a good day at work looks like. And it’s why Nadine still chooses Qenos after all these years.

“My work is incredibly fulfilling. There is also such a positive recognition culture here at Qenos. We feel appreciated in our roles and love what we do. It’s why I’m here. It’s why I’m still keen to get out of bed and come to work each day.”

People play a huge role in the success of Qenos, and having the very best minds working together is now more important than ever.

“There is a really good team focus. People are always willing to respond to issues and keep the plant running.  If we’re faced with challenges we come together and solve the issues. It’s a down to earth environment and we’re keen to get on with the job.”

Nadine wants to help ensure that Qenos continues to nurture great people, and also wants to encourage more women into the industry.

“Part of my role is mentoring graduates. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to support and encourage young women into operations roles where we’re typically under-represented. I’m really keen to encourage diversity and so is Qenos. We have a long history and it’s exciting to welcome fresh faces into the team.”

While Nadine loves the technical aspects of her role, away from the workplace she embraces creativity and has even studied interior design. When she’s not focusing on this passion, she is spending time with her young daughter and keeps busy as the Vice President and Competition Secretary of the Hawthorn Tennis Club.

Variety, both at work and home, is something Nadine values and thrives on. The experiences that she has had over the past 16 years have only made her more excited for the future.

“Working at Qenos really has shaped me as a professional and a person. I feel so fortunate to work here and to have had so may great opportunities presented to me. If someone in this industry is after more than ‘just a job’ and they want to be part of a team that comes together to solve issues, then Qenos is the best choice they could make.”