Duncan joined Qenos 10 years ago to take on a role that would see him gain experiences unavailable anywhere else in Australia. Since then, the unique opportunity has continued to allow him to push his mechanical engineering skills further every day.

With a degree in mechanical engineering and professional experience in the power, and paper and pulp industries, Duncan moved to Sydney from Tasmania to join the Qenos team in 2006.

In his role as Fixed Equipment Engineer, Duncan’s typical day involves monitoring overnight plant activities, closely monitoring any issues or incidents, working on a series of ongoing projects and regular tasks, as well as the odd planning meeting here and there. With no two days the same, the variety is something Duncan thrives on.

“There is always something a bit different and a new challenge every day. You can make a plan one day, then three days later something in the plant has occurred and you need to be reactive in modifying plans. Being able to find solutions to those unexpected happenings is always an exciting challenge.”

For Duncan, the best days are when he’s in the final stages of a project and results begin to show. Recently, he was part of a major project to rationalise the Port Botany site and seeing hard work equate to successful results was incredibly satisfying to him.

As an active squash player and someone who doesn’t enjoy being in the one place at all times, the opportunity to get out and see the bigger Qenos picture is one of the best parts of Duncan’s role.

“I love the diversity of my role. I’m not only in an office in front of a computer every day; I spend half of my time out in the Olefins plant. I really like this balance and actually being able to go out and see and touch the outcomes of everyone’s work. It’s not something you can get in most workplaces.”

Duncan works on challenging projects and difficult tasks that continually push him to expand his skills. So what is it that keeps him driven and dedicated?

“What motivates me most is the desire that everyone has to do the best job and have the best outcome. The work alone motivates me, but knowing we’re all doing something that leads to a positive outcome for Qenos is rewarding.”

Beyond the day-to-day work, being involved in the Qenos future through people development and working with vacation students and graduates is part of what makes Duncan’s role so fulfilling. People are a huge part of Qenos, and Duncan is quick to agree.

“Everyone at Qenos is supportive of one another and very highly skilled. People who join Qenos become experts in their focus area. Our people are also flexible, and anyone who joins needs to be. Basic underlying conditions can change rapidly. People need to be able to respond to these changes without losing sight of the overarching goal.”

By far one of the most exciting parts of any engineer’s role is using equipment and systems that are unrivalled by other organisations.

“We really do have world class systems at Qenos. I’ve worked for other companies in the past who haven’t had our level of systems, professionalism and high-quality processes. Qenos really is a high performing, complex, one-of-a-kind plant.”

Given our ties with our parent company, Bluestar, Duncan has had the opportunity to travel to China on multiple occasions to work with the team to develop and audit implementation. This has only increased his excitement about his future at Qenos.

“There is so much opportunity here. If you want to try something new or different, there is room for that at Qenos. We have a ‘go forward’ culture and I truly believe that our people and workplace are the very best in the industry.”